Child Wellness Program by Dr. Ruth

This is an individualized, step-by-step 12 week program of one-on-one coaching via skype or zoom calls directly with Dr. Ruth.

Dr. Ruth will guide you with simple daily routines for your child using all natural plant based products. First month of child supplements included!

What Happens In These First 12 Weeks With Dr. Ruth?

Week 1/2

Age specific nutrition and exercise recommendations

Week 3/4

Natural supplements advice for your child’s specific health needs

Week 5

Age based home routine recommendations

Week 6

School/homework time discussions

Week 7

Sleep, relationships, play issues

Week 8

Body care products advice

Week 9

Household products advice

Week 10

Discuss and learn about other childhood health issues and what natural solution to use for them

Week 11

More information on other childhood wellness and behavioral issues and what natural product to use for them in the future if they occur

Week 12

Discuss your child’s progress, results, and further tweaks if needed